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Escpos class

Escpos inherits its methods to the printers. the following methods are defined:


Prints an image. Its adjust the size in order to print it.

  • image_name.ext is the complete file name and location of any image type (jpg, gif, png, bmp)

Raises ImageSizeError exception.


Prints a QR code. The size has been adjusted to Version 4, so it can be enough small to be printed but also enough big to be read by a smart phone.

  • text Any text that needs to be QR encoded. It could be a slogan, salutation, url, etc.

barcode(“code”, “barcode_type”, width, height, “position”, “font”)

Prints a barcode.

  • code is an alphanumeric code to be printed as bar code

  • barcode_type must be one of the following type of codes for function type A:

    • UPC-A
    • UPC-E
    • EAN13
    • EAN8
    • CODE39
    • ITF
    • NW7

    And for function type B:

    • Any type above
    • CODE93
    • CODE128
    • GS1-128
    • GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional
    • GS1 DataBar Truncated
    • GS1 DataBar Limited
    • GS1 DataBar Expanded
  • width is a numeric value in the range between (1,255) Default: 64

  • height is a numeric value in the range between (2,6) Default: 3

  • position is where to place the code around the bars, could be one of the following values:

    • ABOVE
    • BELOW
    • BOTH
    • OFF > Default: BELOW
  • font is one of the 2 type of fonts, values could be:

    • A
    • B > Default: A
  • fuction_type chooses between ESCPOS function type A or B. A is default, B has more barcode options. Choose which one based upon your printer support and require barcode.

  • A
  • B > Default A
  • Raises BarcodeTypeError, BarcodeSizeError, BarcodeCodeError exceptions.


Prints raw text. Raises TextError exception.

set(“align”, “font”, “type”, width, height, invert, smooth, flip)

Set text properties. * align set horizontal position for text, the possible values are:

  • LEFT
  • RIGHT > > Default: left
  • font type could be A or B. Default: A
  • type type could be B (Bold), U (Underline) or normal. Default: normal
  • width is a numeric value, 1 is for regular size, and 2 is twice the standard size. Default: 1
  • height is a numeric value, 1 is for regular size and 2 is twice the standard size. Default: 1
  • invert is a boolean value, True enables white on black printing. Default: False
  • smooth is a boolean value, True enables text smoothing. Default: False
  • flip is a boolean value, True enables upside-down text. Default: False


Cut paper. * mode set a full or partial cut. Default: full

Partial cut is not implemented in all printers.


Sends a pulse to the cash drawer in the specified pin.

  • pin is a numeric value which defines the pin to be used to send the pulse, it could be 2 or 5. Raises CashDrawerError()


Hardware operations.

  • operation is any of the following options:
    • INIT
    • SELECT
    • RESET


Carrier feed and tabs. * align is a string which takes any of the following values:

  • LF for Line Feed
  • FF for Form Feed
  • CR for Carriage Return
  • HT for Horizontal Tab
  • VT for Vertical Tab