Raspberry Pi

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This instructions were tested on Raspbian Jessie.


You should never directly connect an printer with RS232-interface (serial port) directly to a Raspberry PI or similar interface (e.g. those simple USB-sticks without encasing). Those interfaces are based on 5V- or 3,3V-logic (the latter in the case of Raspberry PI). Classical RS232 uses 12V-logic and would thus destroy your interface. Connect both systems with an appropriate level shifter.


First, install the packages available on Raspbian.

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-setuptools python3-pip libjpeg8-dev


You can install by using pip3.

sudo pip3 install --upgrade pip
sudo pip3 install python-escpos


You need sudo and python3 to run your program.

sudo python3 your-program.py

Now you can attach your printer and and test it with the example code in the project’s set of examples. You can find that in the project-repository.

For more details on this check the installation-manual.